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General Building & Civil Works

We undertake contracts which consists of building and assembling of infrastructure for both large scale and small scale construction contracts.

Painting Works

We specialise in paint work on clear lacquer finishes on MDF or wood. We work with Designers,Architects, Woodworkers, Manufacturers and End users.

Paving Works

We construct new pavements as well as perform pavement maintenance. We offer quality service that ensures durabily of residential and commercial parkinglots, streets and driveways.

Plumbing & Drainage Works

We design, plan and construct drainage systems according to specifications of each individual client and we also provide any type of plumbing jobs as per required on contracts.



We carryout landscaping design on any sought of terrain ensuring quality and beautiful designed landscapes, we do gardening, modifications of terrain shapes, bodies of water and also building of fences and other elements required by clients.

Renovation & Refurbishment Works

We do renovation works on both residential and commercial properties. We plan and design together with the client so as to allow room for flexibility when unexpected issues arise

Sheet Metal Works

We source sheet metal from local and reputable companies which enables us to fabricate and construct sheet metal structures that are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing.


We are available to work as subcontractors for other constructions companies, in this sector we can provide labour, equipment and machinery and also provide services on project management as well as consultancy.